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Aazh, Hashir and Baguley, David and Moore, Brian C.J. (2018) Factors related to insomnia in adult patients with tinnitus and/or hyperacusis: an exploratory analysis. Journal of the American Academy of Audiology . ISSN 2157-3107 (In Press)

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Abbas, Zainab S.B. and Liaque Latif, M. and Dovlatova, Natalia and Fox, Sue C. and Heptinstall, Stan and Dunn, William R. and Ralevic, Vera (2018) UDP-sugars activate P2Y 14 receptors to mediate vasoconstriction of the porcine coronary artery. Vascular Pharmacology, 103-105 . pp. 36-46. ISSN 1879-3649

Abd El-Aleem, Seham and Dekker, Lodewijk V. (2018) Assessment of the cellular localisation of the Annexin A2/S100A10 complex in human placenta. Journal of Molecular HIstology . ISSN 1567-2387 (In Press)

Abdi, Meisam and Ashcroft, Ian and Wildman, Ricky (2018) Topology optimization of geometrically nonlinear structures using an evolutionary optimization method. Engineering Optimization . ISSN 1029-0273

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Abu-Jalala, Al-Hussein Mohammed and Cox, Tom and Gerada, Christopher and Rashed, Mohamed and Hamiti, Tahar and Brown, Neil (2018) Power quality improvement of synchronous generators using an active power filter. IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications . ISSN 0093-9994

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Adam, Mohamed and Hart, Abarasi and Stevens, Lee A. and Wood, Joseph and Robinson, John P. and Rigby, Sean P. (2018) Microwave synthesis of carbon onions in fractal aggregates using heavy oil as a precursor. Carbon, 138 . pp. 427-435. ISSN 0008-6223

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Adegbite, Emmanuel and Guney, Yilmaz and Kwabi, Frank O. and Tahir, Suleiman (2018) Financial and corporate social performance in the UK listed firms: the relevance of non-linearity and lag effects. Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting . ISSN 1573-7179

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Agrawal, Utkarsh and Pinar, Anthony J. and Wagner, Christian and Havens, Timothy C. and Soria, Daniele and Garibaldi, Jonathan M. (2018) Comparison of fuzzy integral-fuzzy measure based ensemble algorithms with the state-of-the-art ensemble algorithms. In: 17th International Conference on Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty in Knowledge-Based Systems (IPMU 2018), 11-15 June 2018, Cadiz, Spain.

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Ahmad, Narmeen and Ammar, Aula and Storr, Sarah J. and Green, Andrew R. and Rakha, Emad and Ellis, Ian and Martin, Stewart G. (2018) IL-6 and IL-10 are associated with good prognosis in early stage invasive breast cancer patients. Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy, 67 (4). pp. 537-549. ISSN 1432-0851

Ahmadi, Behzad and Barati, Farhad and Karimi, Charif (2018) A variable current-limit control scheme for a bi-directional converter used in ultracapacitor applications. Electric Power Components and Systems, 46 (3). pp. 278-289. ISSN 1532-5008

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Akin-Akinyosoye, Kehinde and Frowd, Nadia and Marshall, Laura and Stocks, Joanne and Fernandes, Gwen Sascha and Valdes, Ana M. and McWilliams, Daniel F. and Zhang, Weiya and Doherty, Michael and Ferguson, Eamonn and Walsh, David A. (2018) Traits associated with central pain augmentation in the Knee Pain in the Community (KPIC) cohort. PAIN . ISSN 1872-6623

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Al Juma, Muna A. and Anderson, Claire and Boyd, Matthew J. (2018) “Fever means antibiotic”, the Omani public’s attitudes to the use of antibiotics for treating the common cold. SelfCare, 9 (1). pp. 16-26. ISSN 2042-7018

Al mashary, Faisal S. and de Castro, Suelen and da Silva, Arlon Fernando and Felix, Jorlandio Francisco and Piton, Marcelo Rizzo and Avanço Galeti, Helder Vinícius and De Giovanni Rodrigues, Ariano and Galvão Gobato, Yara and Al Saqri, Noor and Henini, Mohamed and Al huwayz, Maryam M. and Albadri, Abdulrahman M. and Alyamani, Ahmed Y. and Albrathen, Hamad A. and Alhusaini, Sami A. and Aljaber, Khalid M. and Alanazi, Ali Z. and Alghamdi, Fahad S. (2018) Effect of growth techniques on the structural, optical and electrical properties of indium doped TiO2thin films. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 766 . pp. 194-203. ISSN 1873-4669

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