Characterisation and modeling of complex geometries using TexGen

Brown, Louise P., Endruweit, Andreas, Long, Andrew C. and Jones, I. Arthur (2018) Characterisation and modeling of complex geometries using TexGen. In: 13th International Conference on Textile Composites (TexComp-13), 17-19 Sept 2018, Milan, Italy.

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TexGen is open source software developed at the University of Nottingham for the geometric 3D modelling of textiles and textile composites. It has a large number of users worldwide and underpins a significant number of research publications.

While many users make simplifying assumptions about the structure of a textile, in reality the internal geometry of a textile or textile composite is complex. Capturing this complexity is vital for the prediction of properties such as permeability and mechanical failure. Examples will be given of the characterisation of a material and how the complex features are captured and implemented in TexGen, making use of functionality such as the ability to vary the cross-sectional shape along the length of a yarn. The effect on prediction of properties as a model is refined will be demonstrated.

Recent additions to the software will also be highlighted. Laminated structures can be quickly and easily constructed from a selection of textiles and several nesting options are available. A new rotate textile option can then be used to create laminates with varying ply angles. Where the unit cell is also rotated, appropriate periodic boundary conditions have been implemented and are automatically generated in an ABAQUS input file.

A new feature is described which generates a TexGen model from a weave pattern file. Future developments of this may improve accessibility of the software to the weaving community. The generation of a pattern draft output from the TexGen model is also described.

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