Glazing systems with Parallel Slats Transparent Insulation Material (PS-TIM): evaluation of building energy and daylight performance

Sun, Yanyi and Liang, Runqi and Wu, Yupeng and Wilson, Robin and Rutherford, Peter (2018) Glazing systems with Parallel Slats Transparent Insulation Material (PS-TIM): evaluation of building energy and daylight performance. Energy and Buildings, 159 . pp. 213-227. ISSN 1872-6178

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Being responsible for a significant proportion of total heat loss in façade dominated buildings, the design and specification of the envelope, particularly the building’s glazing system, is a key factor in determining overall energy consumption. To address this, an innovative double glazed façade system comprising parallel transparent/translucent plastic slats sandwiched between the glass panes to form a Parallel Slat Transparent Insulation Material (PS-TIM) system is proposed as a potential solution. This PS-TIM system reduces heat transfer between the glazing panes whilst maintaining access to solar radiation and daylight.

The presence of the PS-TIM structure significantly affects the thermal and optical performance of the window system in which it is employed. This presents a further significant challenge when trying to predict its performance using dynamic building simulation approaches. Using a typical small office as a case study subject to varying climatic conditions, we investigate the thermal and optical behaviour of a range of PS-TIMs with respect to their daylight and energy performance. We find that when compared to a conventional double glazed system, the application of PS-TIMs can result in a more visually comfortable and uniformly lit environment, which might be desired in an office space, and, in the specific case of the small office under test, can result in a reduction in energy consumption of up to 35.8%. Furthermore, having explored the performance of the system in response to varying climatic conditions, we also present some advice as to how architects and engineers might apply PS-TIMs to window systems or glazed façades.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: Parallel Slat Transparent Insulation Materials (PS-TIM); Building Simulation; EnergyPlus; RADIANCE
Schools/Departments: University of Nottingham, UK > Faculty of Engineering > Department of Architecture and Built Environment
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