Gallium incorporation into phosphate based glasses: bulk and thin film properties

Stuart, Bryan W., Grant, Colin A., Stan, George E., Popa, Adrian C., Titman, Jeremy J. and Grant, David M. (2018) Gallium incorporation into phosphate based glasses: bulk and thin film properties. Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, 82 . pp. 371-382. ISSN 1751-6161

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The osteogenic ions Ca2+, P5+, Mg2+, and antimicrobial ion Ga3+ were homogenously dispersed into a 1.45 mum thick phosphate glass coating by plasma assisted sputtering onto CP grade titanium. The objective was to deliver therapeutic ions in orthopedic/dental implants such as hip prosthesis or dental screws. The hardness 4.7 GPa and elastic modulus 69.7 GPa, of the coating were comparable to plasma sprayed hydroxyapatite/dental enamel, whilst superseding femoral cortical bone. To investigate the manufacturing challenge of translation from a target to vapour condensed coating, structural/compositional properties of the target (P51MQ) were compared to the coating (P40PVD) and a melt-quenched equivalent (P40MQ). Following condensation from P51MQ to P40PVD, P2O5 content reduced from 48.9 to 40.5 mol%. This depolymerisation and reduction in the P-O-P bridging oxygen content as determined by 31P-NMR, FTIR and Raman spectroscopy techniques was attributed to a decrease in the P2O5 network former and increases in alkali/alkali-earth cations. P40PVD appeared denser (3.47 vs. 2.70 g cm-3) and more polymerised than it’s compositionally equivalent P40MQ, showing that structure/ mechanical properties were affected by manufacturing route.

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Keywords: Phosphate glass ; Sputtering ; Coating ; Osseointegration ; Antimicrobial
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