Measuring the dynamic photosynthome

Murchie, Erik H., Kefauver, Shawn, Araus, Jose Luis, Muller, Onno, Rascher, Uwe, Flood, Pádraic J. and Lawson, Tracy (2018) Measuring the dynamic photosynthome. Annals of Botany . ISSN 1095-8290

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Background: Photosynthesis underpins plant productivity and yet is notoriously sensitive to small changes inenvironmental conditions, meaning that quantitation in nature across different time scales is not straightforward. The ‘dynamic’ changes in photosynthesis (i.e. the kinetics of the various reactions of photosynthesis in response to environmental shifts) are now known to be important in driving crop yield.

Scope: It is known that photosynthesis does not respond in a timely manner, and even a small temporal “mismatch” between a change in the environment and the appropriate response of photosynthesis toward optimality can result in a fall in productivity. Yet the most commonly measured parameters are still made at steady state or a temporary steady state (including those for crop breeding purposes), meaning that new photosynthetic traits remain undiscovered.

Conclusions: There is a great need to understand photosynthesis dynamics from a mechanistic and biological viewpoint especially when applied to the field of ‘phenomics’ which typically uses large genetically diverse populations of plants. Despite huge advances in measurement technology in recent years, it is still unclear whether we possess the capability of capturing and describing the physiologically relevant dynamic features of field photosynthesis in sufficient detail. Such traits are highly complex, hence we dub this the ‘photosynthome’. This review sets out the state of play and describes some approaches that could be made to address this challenge with reference to the relevant biological processes involved.

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Keywords: Photosynthesis, dynamic, steady state, genetics, yield, phenomics
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