Criterion-free measurement of motion transparency perception at different speeds

Rocchi, Francesca, Ledgeway, Timothy and Webb, Ben S. (2018) Criterion-free measurement of motion transparency perception at different speeds. Journal of Vision, 18 (4). 5/1-5/12. ISSN 1534-7362

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Transparency perception often occurs when objects within the visual scene partially occlude each other or move at the same time, at different velocities across the same spatial region. Although transparent motion perception has been extensively studied, we still do not understand how the distribution of velocities within a visual scene contribute to transparent perception. Here we use a novel psychophysical procedure to characterize the distribution of velocities in a scene that give rise to transparent motion perception. To prevent participants from adopting a subjective decision criterion when discriminating transparent motion, we used an ‘‘oddone-out,’’ three alternative forced-choice procedure. Two intervals contained the standard—a random-dotkinematogram with dot speeds or directions sampled from a uniform distribution. The other interval contained the comparison—speeds or directions sampled from a distribution with the same range as the standard, but with a notch of different widths removed. Our results suggest that transparent motion perception is driven primarily by relatively slow speeds, and does not emerge when only very fast speeds are present within a visual scene. Transparent perception of moving surfaces is modulated by stimulus-based characteristics, such as the separation between the means of the overlapping distributions or the range of speeds presented within an image. Our work illustrates the utility of using objective, forced-choice methods to reveal the mechanisms underlying motion transparency perception.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: motion transparency, odd-one-out, segmentation, global motion, speed perception
Schools/Departments: University of Nottingham, UK > Faculty of Science > School of Psychology
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Date Deposited: 13 Apr 2018 08:14
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