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Adams, Clive E and Montgomery, Alan A and Aburrow, Tony and Bloomfield, Sophie and Briley, Paul M and Carew, Ebun and Chatterjee-Woolman, Suravi and Feddah, Ghalia and Friedel, Johannes and Gibbard, Josh and Haynes, Euan and Hussein, Mohsin and Jayaram, Mahesh and Naylor, Samuel and Perry, Luke and Schmidt, Lena and Siddique, Umer and Tabaksert, Ayla Serena and Taylor, Douglas and Velani, Aarti and White, Douglas and Xia, Jun (2020) Adding evidence of the effects of treatments into relevant Wikipedia pages: a randomised trial. BMJ Open, 10 (2). e033655. ISSN 2044-6055

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Gu, Lizhi and Gao, Shanping and Gu, Chunyang and Huang, Yuantang and Xu, Feiyue and Zhong, Xiang and Chen, Kai and Song, Jinling (2020) Multi - mechanism coalescence design and matrix expression of logic action sequences of the over-turn nursing robot Part I: Functions and coalescence design. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 790 . 012154. ISSN 1757-899X

Gu, Lizhi and Gao, Shanping and Gu, Chunyang and Huang, Yuantang and Xu, Feiyue and Zhong, Xiang and Chen, Kai and Song, Jinling (2020) Multi - mechanism coalescence design and matrix expression of logic action sequences of the over-turn nursing robot Part II: Gesture-state in sets and matrix. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 790 . 012155. ISSN 1757-899X


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