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Mistry, Hiten D. and Kurlak, L.O. and Mansour, Yosef and Zurkinden, Line and Mohaupt, Markus and Escher, Genevieve (2017) Increased maternal and fetal cholesterol efflux capacity and placental cyp27a1 expression in pre-eclampsia. Journal of Lipid Research, 58 . pp. 1186-1185. ISSN 1539-7262

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Mistry, Hiten D. and Gill, Carolyn and Kurlak, L.O. and Seed, Paul T. and Hestketh, John and Meplan, Catherine and Schomburg, Lutz and Chappell, Lucy C. and Morgan, Linda and Poston, Lucilla (2015) Association between maternal micronutrient status, oxidative stress and common genetic variants in antioxidant enzymes at 15 weeks’ gestation in nulliparous women who subsequently develop pre-eclampsia. Free Radical Biology and Medicine, 78 . pp. 147-155. ISSN 1873-4596

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