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Abbas, Zainab S.B., Liaque Latif, M., Dovlatova, Natalia, Fox, Sue C., Heptinstall, Stan, Dunn, William R. and Ralevic, Vera (2018) UDP-sugars activate P2Y 14 receptors to mediate vasoconstriction of the porcine coronary artery. Vascular Pharmacology, 103-105 . pp. 36-46. ISSN 1879-3649

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Argyle, Elaine and Kelly, Tony (2014) Improving quality of life and end of life care for people with dementia using the soundtrack to my life tool: evaluation report, University of Nottingham. Project Report. University of Nottingham, Nottingham.

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Baldry, Emma, Aithal, Guruprasad Padur, Kaye, Philip, Idris, Iskandar, Bennett, Andrew, Leeder, Paul C and MacDonald, Ian A. (2017) Effects of short-term energy restriction on liver lipid content and inflammatory status in severely obese adults: results of a randomised controlled trial (RCT) using two dietary approaches. Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism, 19 (8). pp. 1179-1183. ISSN 1463-1326

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