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WU, LIHUI (2019) Business Plan-XiaoMiShu. [Dissertation (University of Nottingham only)]

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XiaoMiShu is an app which will be dedicated to help all international Chinese students to live better in a foreign country. Automatic intelligent information recommendation based on international Chinese students will save their time. Rightful partner matching will help them find the partner who has the same interests and preferences. Online second-hand goods selling platform will not only help students sell their goods, but also help accommodation agents save resources to reduce tons of general waste when students leave. On the other hand, it will also become a platform for British SMEs to connect with their customers and promote their products or service.

We are the first mover to the market, which will help us take over the market and build our public image & deliver our value. Meanwhile, value co-creation chain within Chinese SMEs and international Chinese students will provide much leverage for our app. All our activities will be driven by the data and we will embrace big data and use it to target our customers accurately.

Our company has three main revenue streams, such as activities organizing, advertisement and membership fee. Activities organizing will not only generate the main profit for our company, but also play an important role in promoting our products and service & deliver our brand value to our end users. Advertisement will help British SMEs promote their products and service and maintain customer relationship. Advertisement and membership fee will become the main revenue stream in 2023-2024. Our company’s net income will turn to positive in the 2021 and investors will gain their payback around 4.5 years. Our profitability index is 1.93, which will be attractive to many investors.

In 2024, we will reach over 40,000 users and have around 11,000 members in our app. Meanwhile, we will have over 207 SMEs to pay for our advertisement premium service in Nottingham, Liverpool and Manchester. Additionally, we believe our app will help overseas Chinese students sell over 80% second-hand goods, which can reduce environmental pollution and accommodation agent’s resources.

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