Effects of Changes in Organisational Structure and Culture on Individual Worker's Behaviour.

Tan, Wee Beng (2007) Effects of Changes in Organisational Structure and Culture on Individual Worker's Behaviour. [Dissertation (University of Nottingham only)] (Unpublished)

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The Individual Worker is an emotional human being and with the increase of Retrenchment and Restructuring exercises in the workplace in recent times, will the Individual Worker be affected drastically? Studies have shown that human beings are affected by the surroundings that they are subjected to; especially the workplace whereby the worker spends three quarters of his time in. Therefore with the constant tweaking and Restructuring of the Organisational Structure that is prevalent nowadays, will the Individual Worker���¢��������s work behaviour be seriously affected? This dissertation will attempt to find some answers to these questions and a short case study will be conducted on one of the company that has just undergo a Retrenchment and Restructuring exercise.

Literature reviews will be carried out on the areas of Organisational Structure and Culture which include studies on different types of Structures used in the industries and the different types of Cultures cultivated. Studies will also be conducted on the current existing Theories, Hypothesis and Research done in these areas in order to derive and develop our Conceptual Framework and Model for this dissertation.

The aim of this study is to determine the Effects of Changes in Organisational Structure and Culture on Individual Worker���¢��������s behaviour and both Quantitative Surveys and Qualitative Interviews were adopted to acquire the required findings. From the results obtained, it was found that Changes in the Organisational Structures indeed affect the Individual Worker���¢��������s behaviour significantly and at the same time also cause a change in the Organisational Culture. Again from the results of this study, it was also found that changes in the Organisational Cultures do exert a significant impact on the worker���¢��������s behaviour. This is a ���¢��������double whammy���¢�������� for the Individual Worker and this study confirms that inevitably the worker will exhibit some form of Resistance to the Changes.

But on a whole, the Individual Worker knows that the changes are for the good of the company which eventually benefits him as well and he/she tends to adopt more positive work traits. This study also illustrated that ultimately, majority of workers felt that Organisational Changes implemented by management teams are always for the good of the company and its employees because at the end of the day, no sane employee will want to destroy their own rice bowls by implementing something that has no benefit to the company and himself.

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