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Ghosh, Barun, Xu, Fang, Grant, David M., Giangrande, Paolo, Gerada, Chris, George, Michael W. and Hou, Xianghui (2020) Highly ordered BN ⊥ –BN ⊥ stacking structure for improved thermally conductive polymer composites. Advanced Electronic Materials . p. 2000627. ISSN 2199-160X

Wadge, Matthew D., Stuart, Bryan W., Thomas, Kathryn G. and Grant, David M. (2018) Generation and characterisation of gallium titanate surfaces through hydrothermal ion-exchange processes. Materials & Design, 155 . pp. 264-277. ISSN 0264-1275

Felfel, Reda M., Hossain, Kazi M. Zakir, Kabir, Sumaya F., Yee, Soon L., Ahmed, Ifty and Grant, David M. (2018) Flexible and transparent films produced from cellulose nanowhisker reinforced agarose. Carbohydrate Polymers, 194 . pp. 328-338. ISSN 1879-1344

Stuart, Bryan W., Grant, Colin A., Stan, George E., Popa, Adrian C., Titman, Jeremy J. and Grant, David M. (2018) Gallium incorporation into phosphate based glasses: bulk and thin film properties. Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, 82 . pp. 371-382. ISSN 1751-6161

Hossain, Kazi Md Zakir, Patel, Uresha, Kennedy, Andrew R., Macri-Pellizzeri, Laura, Sottile, Virginie, Grant, David M., Scammell, Brigitte E. and Ahmed, Ifty (2018) Porous calcium phosphate glass microspheres for orthobiologic applications. Acta Biomaterialia, 72 . pp. 396-406. ISSN 1878-7568

Hossain, Kazi M. Zakir, Felfel, Reda M., Ogbilikana, Prince S., Thakker, Dhruma, Grant, David M., Scotchford, C.A. and Ahmed, Ifty (2018) Single solvent based film casting method for the production of porous polymer films. Macromolecular Materials and Engineering, 303 . p. 1700628. ISSN 1438-7492

Macri-Pellizzeri, Laura, De Melo, Nigel, Ahmed, Ifty, Grant, David M., Scammell, Brigitte and Sottile, Virginie (2018) Live quantitative monitoring of mineral deposition in stem cells using tetracycline hydrochloride. Tissue Engineering Part C: Methods, 24 (3). pp. 171-178. ISSN 1937-3384

Gupta, Dhanak, Grant, David M., Zakir Hossain, Kazi M., Ahmed, Ifty and Sottile, Virginie (2018) Role of geometrical cues in bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cell survival, growth and osteogenic differentiation. Journal of Biomaterials Applications, 32 (7). pp. 906-919. ISSN 1530-8022

Mistry, Priyen C., Grant, David M., Stuart, Alastair D., Manickam, Kandavel and Walker, Gavin S. (2017) Evolution of catalyst coated atomised magnesium spheres: an alternative thermal storage medium for concentrated solar power applications. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 42 (47). pp. 28453-28463. ISSN 0360-3199

Stuart, Bryan W., Gimeno-Fabra, Miquel, Segal, Joel, Ahmed, Ifty and Grant, David M. (2017) Mechanical, structural and dissolution properties of heat treated thin-film phosphate based glasses. Applied Surface Science, 416 . pp. 605-617. ISSN 0169-4332

Gkanas, Evangelos I., Grant, David M., Khzouz, Martin, Stuart, Alastair D., Manickam, Kandavel and Walker, Gavin S. (2016) Efficient hydrogen storage in up-scale metal hydride tanks as possible metal hydride compression agents equipped with aluminium extended surfaces. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 41 (25). pp. 10795-10810. ISSN 0360-3199

Felfel, R.M., Poocza, Leander, Gimeno-Fabra, Miquel, Milde, Tobias, Hildebrand, Gerhard, Ahmed, Ifty, Scotchford, Colin, Sottile, Virginie, Grant, David M. and Liefeith, Klaus (2016) In vitro degradation and mechanical properties of PLA-PCL copolymer unit cell scaffolds generated by two-photon polymerization. Biomedical Materials, 11 (1). 015011. ISSN 1748-605X

Stuart, Bryan, Gimeno-Fabra, Miquel, Segal, Joel, Ahmed, Ifty and Grant, David M. (2015) Degradation and characterization of resorbable phosphate-based glass thin-film coatings applied by radio-frequency magnetron sputtering. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 7 (49). pp. 27362-27372. ISSN 1944-8252

Gkanas, Evangelos I., Grant, David M., Stuart, Alastair D., Eastwick, Carol, Book, D., Nayebossadri, S., Pickering, L. and Walker, Gavin S. (2015) Numerical study on a two-stage metal hydride hydrogen compression system. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 645 (Supp1). S18-S22. ISSN 1873-4669

Liu, Xiaoling, Hasan, Muhammad Sami, Grant, David M., Harper, Lee Thomas, Parsons, Andrew J., Palmer, Graham, Rudd, Chris D. and Ahmed, Ifty (2014) Mechanical, degradation and cytocompatibility properties of magnesium coated phosphate glass fibre reinforced polycaprolactone composites. Journal of Biomaterials Applications, 29 (5). pp. 675-687. ISSN 1530-8022

Fry, Christopher M.P., Grant, David M. and Walker, Gavin S. (2014) Catalysis and evolution on cycling of nano-structured magnesium multilayer thin films. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 39 (2). pp. 1173-1184. ISSN 0360-3199

Conference or Workshop Item

Tomczynska, Magdalena M., Choong, Gabriel Y.H., De Focatiis, Davide S.A., Grant, David M. and Parsons, Andrew J. (2016) Compounding and rheometry of PLA nanocomposites with coated and uncoated hydroxyapatite nanoplatelets. In: The Polymer Processing Society Conference 2015, 21-25 September 2015, Graz, Austria.

Parsons, Andrew J., Walton, Kirsty, Hild, Frederic, Ilchev, Alex, Gimeno-Fabra, Miquel, Tomczynska, Magdelena M., Ward, Michael, Canciani, Alessia, Choong, Gabriel Y.H., De Focatiis, Davide S.A., Lester, Edward, Grant, David M. and Irvine, Derek J. (2016) Melt-processed PLA/HA platelet nanoparticle composites produced using tailored dispersants. In: The 5th International Conference of Bionic Engineering, 21 - 24 June 2016, Ningbo, China. (Unpublished)

Ward, Michael, Tomczynska, Magdelena M., Grant, David M., Parsons, Andrew J. and De Focatiis, Davide S.A. (2016) The influence of process conditions on the structure and properties of melt processed poly (lactic acid) nanohydroxyapatite composites. In: 3rd International Conference on Bio-based Polymers and Composites, 28th August - 1st September 2016, Szeged, Hungary. (Submitted)

Book Section

Hossain, Kazi M. Zakir, Felfel, Reda M., Grant, David M. and Ahmed, Ifty (2016) Phosphate glass fibres and their composites. In: Bioactive Glasses: Fundamentals, Technology and Applications. Smart Materials Series (23). Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge, pp. 257-285. ISBN 9781782629764

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