The Effects of Organisational Contexts on Managers' Work Identities and How Identity Work Influences Decision Making Process

Gencel, Melis (2017) The Effects of Organisational Contexts on Managers' Work Identities and How Identity Work Influences Decision Making Process. [Dissertation (University of Nottingham only)]

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Identity work has been maintaining its significance and attractiveness in organisational contexts as it illuminates almost everything including individuals’ emotions, actions, change initiatives, decision-makings etc. However, it hasn’t been fulfilled its analytical promises yet which has encouraged me to contribute more to this topic. Mainly, my research has contributed to the managerial identity literature in terms of constructing dualities apart from having coherent identities all the time while achieving quality decision making. At the first stage, I analyse the effects of various business environments on managers’ work identities considering both professional and managerial logics. Correspondingly, I argue that individuals can get affected at just professional or managerial level or both. Yet, my qualitative study shows that during critical circumstances, all managers tend to identify their managerial identities to express the way they do their jobs and make decisions. Most importantly, I find out that rather than maintaining one central and fixed identity, contradictory identities can emerge in critical situations. Additionally, organisational members can modify their identities to fit into the situations by seeking a settlement between contradictory rooted discourses and their moral identities which lead to the formation of antagonistic identities. Relatedly, my study addresses that various managerial identities affect the decision-making processes in different ways due to the variety in emotional distances, business purposes and relation management.

Key Words: Identity work, organisational context, emotions, actions, managerial identity, dualities, professional and managerial logics, decision-making, fixed identity, contradictory, coherent, critical situations, moral identity, antagonistic identities.

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