Off-shell dark matter: a cosmological relic of quantum gravity

Saravani, Mehdi and Afshordi, Niayesh (2017) Off-shell dark matter: a cosmological relic of quantum gravity. Physical Review D, 95 (4). 043514/1-043514/9. ISSN 2470-0029

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We study a novel proposal for the origin of cosmological cold dark matter (CDM) which is rooted in the quantum nature of spacetime. In this model, off-shell modes of quantum fields can exist in asymptotic states as a result of spacetime nonlocality (expected in generic theories of quantum gravity), and play the role of CDM, which we dub off-shell dark matter (OfDM). However, their rate of production is suppressed by the scale of non-locality (e.g. Planck length). As a result, we show that OfDM is only produced in the first moments of big bang, and then effectively decouples (except through its gravitational interactions). We examine the observational predictions of this model: In the context of cosmic inflation, we show that this proposal relates the reheating temperature to the inflaton mass, which narrows down the uncertainty in the number of e-foldings of specific inflationary scenarios. We also demonstrate that OfDM is indeed cold, and discuss potentially observable signatures on small scale matter power spectrum.

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Keywords: Dark matter, Quantum gravity
Schools/Departments: University of Nottingham, UK > Faculty of Science > School of Mathematical Sciences
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Date Deposited: 04 Jul 2017 13:44
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