Estimating phase with a random generator: strategies and resources in multiparameter quantum metrology

Yousefjani, Rozhin, Nichols, Rosanna, Salimi, Shahriar and Adesso, Gerardo (2017) Estimating phase with a random generator: strategies and resources in multiparameter quantum metrology. Physical Review A, 95 (6). 062307/1-062307/10. ISSN 2469-9934

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Quantum metrology aims to exploit quantum phenomena to overcome classical limitations in the estimation of relevant parameters. We consider a probe undergoing a phase shift φ whose generator is randomly sampled according to a distribution with unknown concentration κ, which introduces a physical source of noise. We then investigate strategies for the joint estimation of the two parameters φ and κ given a finite number N of interactions with the phase imprinting channel. We consider both single qubit and multipartite entangled probes, and identify regions of the parameters where simultaneous estimation is advantageous, resulting in up to a twofold reduction in resources. Quantum enhanced precision is achievable at moderate N, while for sufficiently large N classical strategies take over and the precision follows the standard quantum limit. We show that full-scale entanglement is not needed to reach such an enhancement, as efficient strategies using significantly fewer qubits in a scheme interpolating between the conventional sequential and parallel metrological schemes yield the same effective performance. These results may have relevant applications in optimization of sensing technologies.

Item Type: Article
Additional Information: Estimating phase with a random generator: Strategies and resources in multiparameter quantum metrology, Rozhin Yousefjani, Rosanna Nichols, Shahriar Salimi, and Gerardo Adesso, Phys. Rev. A 95, 062307.
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Date Deposited: 12 Jun 2017 10:43
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