Non-classical mechanisms of steroid sensing in the ovary: lessons from the bovine oxytocin model

Ivell, Richard, Dai, Yanzhenzi, Mann, Navdeep and Anand-Ivell, Ravinder (2014) Non-classical mechanisms of steroid sensing in the ovary: lessons from the bovine oxytocin model. Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology, 382 (1). pp. 466-471. ISSN 1872-8057

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Steroidogenic tissues such as the ovary, testes or adrenal glands are paradoxical in that they often indicate actions of steroid hormones within a dynamic range of ligand concentration in a high nanomolar or even micromolar level, i.e. at the natural concentrations existing within those organs. Yet ligand-activated nuclear steroid receptors act classically by direct interaction with DNA in the picomolar or low nanomolar range. Moreover, global genomic studies suggest that less than 40% of steroid-regulated genes involve classical responsive elements in gene promoter regions. The bovine oxytocin gene is a key element in the maternal recognition of pregnancy in ruminants and is regulated via an SF1 site in its proximal promoter. This gene is also regulated by steroids acting in a non-classical manner, involving nuclear receptors which do not interact directly with DNA. Dose-response relationships for these actions are in the high nanomolar range. Similar ‘steroid sensing’ mechanisms may prevail for other SF1-regulated genes and predict alternative pathways by which environmental endocrine disruptors might influence the functioning of steroid-producing organs and hence indirectly the steroid-dependent control of physiology and development.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: Oxytocin ; Non-classical steroid signaling ;Oxytocin receptor ; Estrogen receptor-alpha ; Estrogen receptor-beta ;Bovine ovary
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