Accessible quantification of multiparticle entanglement

Cianciaruso, Marco, Bromley, Thomas R. and Adesso, Gerardo (2016) Accessible quantification of multiparticle entanglement. npj Quantum Information, 2 . 16030/1-16030/11. ISSN 2056-6387

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Entanglement is a key ingredient for quantum technologies and a fundamental signature of quantumness in a broad range of phenomena encompassing many-body physics, thermodynamics, cosmology and life sciences. For arbitrary multiparticle systems, entanglement quantification typically involves nontrivial optimisation problems, and it may require demanding tomographical techniques. Here, we develop an experimentally feasible approach to the evaluation of geometric measures of multiparticle entanglement. Our framework provides analytical results for particular classes of mixed states of N qubits, and computable lower bounds to global, partial, or genuine multiparticle entanglement of any general state. For global and partial entanglement, useful bounds are obtained with minimum effort, requiring local measurements in just three settings for any N. For genuine entanglement, a number of measurements scaling linearly with N are required. We demonstrate the power of our approach to estimate and quantify different types of multiparticle entanglement in a variety of N-qubit states useful for uantum information processing and recently engineered in laboratories with quantum optics and trapped ion setups.

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