Tuning a Kalman filter carrier tracking algorithm in the presence of ionospheric scintillation

Susi, Melania, Andreotti, Marcus, Aquino, Marcio and Dodson, Alan (2016) Tuning a Kalman filter carrier tracking algorithm in the presence of ionospheric scintillation. GPS Solutions, 21 (3). pp. 1149-1160. ISSN 1521-1886

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Strong ionospheric electron content gradients may lead to fast and unpredictable fluctuations in the phase and amplitude of the signals from Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS). This phenomenon, known as ionospheric scintillation, is capable of deteriorating the tracking performance of a GNSS receiver, leading to increased phase and Doppler errors, cycle slips and also to complete losses of signal lock. In order to mitigate scintillation effects at receiver level, the robustness of the carrier tracking loop, the receiver weakest link under scintillation, must be enhanced. Kalman Filter (KF) based tracking algorithms are particularly suitable to cope with the variable working conditions imposed by scintillation. However, the effectiveness of this tracking approach strongly depends on the accuracy of the assumed dynamic model, which can quickly become inaccurate under randomly variable situations. This study first shows how inaccurate dynamic models can lead to a KF suboptimum solution or divergence, when both strong phase and amplitude scintillation are present. Then, to overcome this issue, it proposes two self-tuning KF based carrier tracking algorithms, which self-tune their dynamic models by exploiting the knowledge about scintillation that can be achieved through scintillation monitoring. The algorithms have been assessed with live equatorial data affected by strong scintillation. Results show that the algorithms are able to maintain the signal lock and provide reliable scintillation indices when classical architectures and commercial ionospheric scintillation monitoring receivers (ISMRs) fail.

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Keywords: scintillation, Kalman Filter, receiver tracking, PLL, scintillation indices
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