Studies on the magnetic ground state of a spin Möbius strip

Newton, Graham and Hoshino, Norihisa and Matsumoto, Takuto and Shiga, Takuya and Nakano, Motohiro and Nojiri, Hiroyuki and Furukawa, Yuji and Oshio, Hiroki (2016) Studies on the magnetic ground state of a spin Möbius strip. Chemistry - a European Journal, 22 (40). pp. 14205-14212. ISSN 1521-3765

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Here we report the synthesis, structure and detailed characterisation of three n-membered oxovanadium rings, Nan[(V=O)nNan(H2O)n(α, β, or γ-CD)2]⋅mH2O (n = 6, 7, or 8), prepared by the reactions of (V=O)SO4⋅xH2O with α, β, or γ-cyclodextrins(CDs) and NaOH in water. Their alternating heterometallic vanadium/sodium cyclic core structures were sandwiched between two CD moieties such that O-Na-O groups separated neighbouring vanadyl ions. Antiferromagnetic interactions between the S = ½ vanadyl ions led to S = 0 ground states for the even-membered rings, but to two quasi-degenerate S = ½ states for the spin-frustrated heptanuclear cluster.

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