CMB constraints on cosmic strings and superstrings

Charnock, Tom, Avgoustidis, Anastasios, Copeland, Edmund J. and Moss, Adam (2016) CMB constraints on cosmic strings and superstrings. Physical Review D, 93 (12). 123503/1-123503/19. ISSN 1550-2368

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We present the first complete MCMC analysis of cosmological models with evolving cosmic (super)string networks, using the Unconnected Segment Model in the unequal-time correlator formalism. For ordinary cosmic string networks, we derive joint constraints on ΛCDM and string network parameters, namely the string tension Gμ, the loop-chopping efficiency cr and the string wiggliness α. For cosmic superstrings, we obtain joint constraints on the fundamental string tension GμF, the string coupling gs, the self-interaction coefficient cs, and the volume of compact extra dimensions w. This constitutes the most comprehensive CMB analysis of ΛCDM cosmology + strings to date. For ordinary cosmic string networks our updated constraint on the string tension, obtained using Planck2015 temperature and polarisation data, is Gμ < 1.1 × 10^(−7) in relativistic units, while for cosmic superstrings our constraint on the fundamental string tension after marginalising over gs, cs and w is GμF < 2.8 × 10^(−8).

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