Realization of a single-Cooper-pair Josephson laser

Chen, Fei, Li, Juliang, Armour, A.D., Brahimi, E., Stettenheim, Joel, Sirois, A.J., Simmonds, R.W., Blencowe, M.P. and Rimberg, A.J. (2014) Realization of a single-Cooper-pair Josephson laser. Physical Review B, 90 . 020506/1-020506/6. ISSN 2469-9969

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We have embedded a voltage-biased Cooper-pair transistor (CPT) in a high-Q superconducting microwave cavity. When the energy given to a tunneling Cooper pair by the voltage bias is equal to a multiple of the cavity photon frequency, the cavity is pumped to a strongly nonequilibrium state. The cavity photons act back on the CPT, allowing us to enter a regime of strongly correlated electronic-photonic transport. We directly observe the effects of photonic backaction on Cooper-pair transport, and see clear evidence for single-emitter lasing in the form of emission dominated by stimulated transport processes.

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