Theoretical study of M+ RG2: (M+= Ca, Sr, Ba and Ra; RG= He–Rn)

Andrejeva, Anna, Gardner, Adrian M., Graneek, Jack B., Breckenridge, William and Wright, Timothy G. (2015) Theoretical study of M+ RG2: (M+= Ca, Sr, Ba and Ra; RG= He–Rn). Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 119 (23). pp. 5995-6005. ISSN 1089-5639

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Ab initio calculations were employed to investigate M+ RG2 species, where M+ = Ca, Sr, Ba and Ra and RG= He–Rn. Geometries have been optimized, and cuts through the potential energy surfaces containing each global minimum have been calculated at the MP2 level of theory, employing triple-ζ quality basis sets. The interaction energies for these complexes were calculated employing the RCCSD(T) level of theory with quadruple-ζ quality basis sets. Trends in binding energies, De, equilibrium bond lengths, Re, and bond angles are discussed and rationalized by analyzing the electronic density. Mulliken, natural population, and atoms-in-molecules (AIM) population analyses are presented. It is found that some of these complexes involving the heavier Group 2 metals are bent whereas others are linear, deviating from observations for the corresponding Be and Mg metal-containing complexes, which have all previously been found to be bent. The results are discussed in terms of orbital hybridization and the different types of interaction present in these species.

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