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Rayneau-Kirkhope, Daniel, Mao, Yong and Rauch, Cyril (2018) Bio-inspired hierarchical designs for stiff, strong interfaces between materials of differing stiffness. Physical Review Applied, 10 (3). 034016-1-034016-10. ISSN 2331-7019

Rauch, Cyril, Blott, Sarah and Stewart, Simon (2017) Taking a broader view of things: towards a transdisciplinary approach to cancer. Organisms. Journal of Biological Sciences, 1 (2). pp. 49-59. ISSN 2532-5876

Cherkaoui-Rbati, Mohammed, Paine, Stuart, Littlewood, Peter and Rauch, Cyril (2017) A quantitative systems pharmacology approach, incorporating a novel liver model, for predicting pharmacokinetic drug-drug interactions. PLoS ONE, 12 (9). pp. 1-28. ISSN 1932-6203

Keane, Matthew, Paul, Emily, Sturrock, Craig, Rauch, Cyril and Rutland, Catrin S. (2017) Computed tomography in veterinary medicine: currently published and tomorrow’s vision. In: Computed tomography: advanced applications. InTechOpen, pp. 271-289. ISBN 9789535155133

Harguindey, Salvador, Stanciu, Daniel, Devesa, Jesús, Alfarouk, Khalid, Cardone, Rosa Angela, Polo Orozco, Julian David, Devesa, Pablo, Rauch, Cyril, Orive, Gorka, Anitua, Eduardo, Roger, Sébastien and Reshkin, Stephan J. (2017) Cellular acidification as a new approach to cancer treatment and to the understanding and therapeutics of neurodegenerative diseases. Seminars in Cancer Biology, 43 . pp. 157-179. ISSN 1096-3650

Omran, Ziad, Scaife, Paula, Stewart, Simon and Rauch, Cyril (2017) Physical and biological characteristics of multi drug resistance (MDR): an integral approach considering pH and drug resistance in cancer. Seminars in Cancer Biology, 43 . pp. 42-48. ISSN 1096-3650

Rauch, Cyril, Cherkaoui-Rbati, Mohammed, Egan, Sharon A. and Leigh, James A. (2017) The bio-physics of condensation of divalent cations into the bacterial wall has implications for growth of Gram-positive bacteria. BBA - Biomembranes, 1859 (2). pp. 282-288. ISSN 0005-2736

Stewart, Simon and Rauch, Cyril (2016) Rethinking therapeutic strategies in cancer: wars, fields, anomalies and monsters. Social Theory & Health . ISSN 1477-8211

Rauch, Cyril and Leigh, James A. (2014) Theoretical evaluation of wall teichoic acids in the cavitation-mediated pores formation in Gram-positive bacteria subjected to an electric field. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - General Subjects, 1850 (4). pp. 595-601. ISSN 0304-4165

Rauch, Cyril and Cherkaoui-Rbati, Mohammed (2014) Physics of nail conditions: why do ingrown nails always happen in the big toes? Physical Biology, 11 (6). 066004/1-066004/10. ISSN 1478-3975

Daniel, Chloë, Bell, Charlotte, Burton, Christopher, Harguindey, Salvador, Reshkinc, Stephan J. and Rauch, Cyril (2013) The role of proton dynamics in the development and maintenance of multidrug resistance in cancer. BBA - Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, 1832 (5). pp. 606-617. ISSN 0006-3002

Rauch, Cyril, Ibrahim, Hiba and Foster, Neil (2013) Membranes, molecules and biophysics: enhancing monocyte derived dendritic cell (MDDC) immunogenicity for improved anti-cancer therapy. Journal of Cancer Therapeutics and Research, 2 . 20/1-20/10. ISSN 2049-7962

Pang, Vincent, Counillon, Laurent, Lagadic-Gossmann, Dominique, Poet, Mallorie, Lacroix, Jérôme, Sergent, Odile, Khan, Raheela and Rauch, Cyril (2012) On the role of the difference in surface tensions involved in the allosteric regulation of NHE-1 induced by low to mild osmotic pressure, membrane tension and lipid asymmetry. Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics, 63 (1). pp. 47-57. ISSN 1085-9195

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