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Coates, Tom, Galkin, Sergey, Kasprzyk, Alexander M. and Strangeway, Andrew (2018) Quantum periods for certain four-dimensional Fano manifolds. Experimental Mathematics . ISSN 1944-950X

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Conference or Workshop Item

Coates, Tom, Corti, Alessio, Galkin, Sergey, Golyshev, Vasily and Kasprzyk, Alexander M. (2013) Mirror symmetry and Fano manifolds. In: 6th European Congress of Mathematics, 2-7 July 2012, Krakow, Poland.

Book Section

Kasprzyk, Alexander M. and Nill, Benjamin (2013) Fano polytopes. In: Strings, gauge fields, and the geometry behind: the legacy of Maximilian Kreuzer. World Scientific, Singapore, pp. 349-364. ISBN 978-981-4412-54-4

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