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Albareti, Franco D. and Prieto, Carlos Allende and Almeida, Andres and Anders, Friedrich and Anderson, Scott and Andrews, Brett H. and Aragón-Salamanca, Alfonso and Argudo-Fernández, Maria and Armengaud, Eric and Aubourg, Eric and Avila-Reese, Vladimir and Badenes, Carles and Bailey, Stephen and Barbuy, Beatriz and Barger, Kat and Barrera-Ballesteros, Jorge and Bartosz, Curtis and Basu, Sarbani and Bates, Dominic and Battaglia, Giuseppina and Baumgarten, Falk and Baur, Julien and Bautista, Julian and Beers, Timothy C. and Belfiore, Francesco and Bershady, Matthew and de Lis, Sara Bertran and Bird, Jonathan C. and Bizyaev, Dmitry and Blanc, Guillermo A. and Blanton, Michael and Blomqvist, Michael and Bolton, Adam S. and Borissova, J. and Bovy, Jo and Brandt, William Nielsen and Brinkmann, Jonathan and Brownstein, Joel R. and Bundy, Kevin and Burtin, Etienne and Busca, Nicolás G. and Chavez, Hugo Orlando Camacho and Díaz, M. Cano and Cappellari, Michele and Carrera, Ricardo and Chen, Yanping and Cherinka, Brian and Cheung, Edmond and Chiappini, Cristina and Chojnowski, Drew and Chuang, Chia-Hsun and Chung, Haeun and Cirolini, Rafael Fernando and Clerc, Nicolas and Cohen, Roger E. and Comerford, Julia M. and Comparat, Johan and Correa do Nascimento, Janaina and Cousinou, Marie-Claude and Covey, Kevin and Crane, Jeffrey D. and Croft, Rupert and Cunha, Katia and Darling, Jeremy and Davidson, James W. and Dawson, Kyle and Da Costa, Luiz and Da Silva Ilha, Gabriele and Machado, Alice Deconto and Delubac, Timothée and De Lee, Nathan and De la Macorra, Axel and De la Torre, Sylvain and Diamond-Stanic, Aleksandar M. and Donor, John and Downes, Juan Jose and Drory, Niv and Du, Cheng and Du Mas des Bourboux, Hélion and Dwelly, Tom and Ebelke, Garrett and Eigenbrot, Arthur and Eisenstein, Daniel J. and Elsworth, Yvonne P. and Emsellem, Eric and Eracleous, Michael and Escoffier, Stephanie and Evans, Michael L. and Falcón-Barroso, Jesús and Fan, Xiaohui and Favole, Ginevra and Fernandez-Alvar, Emma and Fernandez-Trincado, J. G. and Feuillet, Diane and Fleming, Scott W. and Font-Ribera, Andreu and Freischlad, Gordon and Frinchaboy, Peter and Fu, Hai and Gao, Yang and Garcia, Rafael A. and Garcia-Dias, R. and Garcia-Hernández, D. A. and Pérez, Ana E. Garcia and Gaulme, Patrick and Ge, Junqiang and Geisler, Douglas and Gillespie, Bruce and Marin, Hector Gil and Girardi, Léo and Goddard, Daniel and Chew, Yilen Gomez Maqueo and Gonzalez-Perez, Violeta and Grabowski, Kathleen and Green, Paul and Grier, Catherine J. and Grier, Thomas and Guo, Hong and Guy, Julien and Hagen, Alex and Hall, Matt and Harding, Paul and Harley, R. E. and Hasselquist, Sten and Hawley, Suzanne and Hayes, Christian R. and Hearty, Fred and Hekker, Saskia and Toledo, Hector Hernandez and Ho, Shirley and Hogg, David W. and Holley-Bockelmann, Kelly and Holtzman, Jon A. and Holzer, Parker H. and Hu, Jian and Huber, Daniel and Hutchinson, Timothy Alan and Hwang, Ho Seong and Ibarra-Medel, Héctor J. and Ivans, Inese I. and Ivory, KeShawn and Jaehnig, Kurt and Jensen, Trey W. and Johnson, Jennifer A. and Jones, Amy and Jullo, Eric and Kallinger, T. and Kinemuchi, Karen and Kirkby, David and Klaene, Mark and Kneib, Jean-Paul and Kollmeier, Juna A. and Lacerna, Ivan and Lane, Richard R. and Lang, Dustin and Laurent, Pierre and Law, David R. and Leauthaud, Alexie and Le Goff, Jean-Marc and Li, Chen and Li, Cheng and Li, Niu and Li, Ran and Liang, Fu-Heng and Liang, Yu and Lima, Marcos and Lin, Lihwai and Lin, Lin and Lin, Yen-Ting and Liu, Chao and Long, Dan and Lucatello, Sara and MacDonald, Nicholas and MacLeod, Chelsea L. and Mackereth, J. Ted and Mahadevan, Suvrath and Maia, Marcio Antonio Geimba and Maiolino, Roberto and Majewski, Steven R. and Malanushenko, Olena and Malanushenko, Viktor and Mallmann, Nícolas Dullius and Manchado, Arturo and Maraston, Claudia and Marques-Chaves, Rui and Valpuesta, Inma Martinez and Masters, Karen L. and Mathur, Savita and McGreer, Ian D. and Merloni, Andrea and Merrifield, Michael R. and Meszáros, Szabolcs and Meza, Andres and Miglio, Andrea and Minchev, Ivan and Molaverdikhani, Karan and Montero-Dorta, Antonio D. and Mosser, Benoit and Muna, Demitri and Myers, Adam and Nair, Preethi and Nandra, Kirpal and Ness, Melissa and Newman, Jeffrey A. and Nichol, Robert C. and Nidever, David L. and Nitschelm, Christian and O’Connell, Julia and Oravetz, Audrey and Oravetz, Daniel J. and Pace, Zachary and Padilla, Nelson and Palanque-Delabrouille, Nathalie and Pan, Kaike and Parejko, John and Paris, Isabelle and Park, Changbom and Peacock, John A. and Peirani, Sebastien and Pellejero-Ibanez, Marcos and Penny, Samantha and Percival, Will J. and Percival, Jeffrey W. and Perez-Fournon, Ismael and Petitjean, Patrick and Pieri, Matthew and Pinsonneault, Marc H. and Pisani, Alice and Prada, Francisco and Prakash, Abhishek and Price-Jones, Natalie and Raddick, M. Jordan and Rahman, Mubdi and Raichoor, Anand and Rembold, Sandro Barboza and Reyna, A. M. and Rich, James and Richstein, Hannah and Ridl, Jethro and Riffel, Rogemar A. and Riffel, Rogério and Rix, Hans-Walter and Robin, Annie C. and Rockosi, Constance M. and Rodríguez-Torres, Sergio and Rodrigues, Thaíse S. and Roe, Natalie and Lopes, A. Roman and Román-Zúñiga, Carlos and Ross, Ashley J. and Rossi, Graziano and Ruan, John and Ruggeri, Rossana and Runnoe, Jessie C. and Salazar-Albornoz, Salvador and Salvato, Mara and Sanchez, Sebastian F. and Sanchez, Ariel G. and Sanchez-Gallego, José R. and Santiago, Basílio Xavier and Schiavon, Ricardo and Schimoia, Jaderson S. and Schlafly, Eddie and Schlegel, David J. and Schneider, Donald P. and Schönrich, Ralph and Schultheis, Mathias and Schwope, Axel and Seo, Hee-Jong and Serenelli, Aldo and Sesar, Branimir and Shao, Zhengyi and Shetrone, Matthew and Shull, Michael and Aguirre, Victor Silva and Skrutskie, M. F. and Slosar, Anže and Smith, Michael and Smith, Verne V. and Sobeck, Jennifer and Somers, Garrett and Souto, Diogo and Stark, David V. and Stassun, Keivan G. and Steinmetz, Matthias and Stello, Dennis and Bergmann, Thaisa Storchi and Strauss, Michael A. and Streblyanska, Alina and Stringfellow, Guy S. and Suarez, Genaro and Sun, Jing and Taghizadeh-Popp, Manuchehr and Tang, Baitian and Tao, Charling and Tayar, Jamie and Tembe, Mita and Thomas, Daniel and Tinker, Jeremy and Tojeiro, Rita and Tremonti, Christy and Troup, Nicholas and Trump, Jonathan R. and Unda-Sanzana, Eduardo and Valenzuela, O. and Van den Bosch, Remco and Vargas-Magaña, Mariana and Vazquez, Jose Alberto and Villanova, Sandro and Vivek, M. and Vogt, Nicole and Wake, David and Walterbos, Rene and Wang, Yuting and Wang, Enci and Weaver, Benjamin Alan and Weijmans, Anne-Marie and Weinberg, David H. and Westfall, Kyle B. and Whelan, David G. and Wilcots, Eric and Wild, Vivienne and Williams, Rob A. and Wilson, John and Wood-Vasey, W. M. and Wylezalek, Dominika and Xiao, Ting and Yan, Renbin and Yang, Meng and Ybarra, Jason E. and Yeche, Christophe and Yuan, Fang-Ting and Zakamska, Nadia and Zamora, Olga and Zasowski, Gail and Zhang, Kai and Zhao, Cheng and Zhao, Gong-Bo and Zheng, Zheng and Zheng, Zheng and Zhou, Zhi-Min and Zhu, Guangtun and Zinn, Joel C. and Zou, Hu (2017) The 13th data release of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey: first spectroscopic data from the SDSS-IV survey mapping nearby galaxies at Apache Point Observatory. Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series, 233 (2). ISSN 1538-4365

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