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Tischler, Victoria, Schneider, Justine, Morgner, C., Crawford, Paul, Dening, Tom, Brooker, Dawn, Garabedian, Claire, Myers, T., Early, F., Shaughnessy, N., Innes, Anthea, Duncan, K., Prashar, A., McDermott, Orii, Coaten, R., Eland, D. and Harvey, Kevin (2018) Stronger together: learning from an interdisciplinary Dementia, Arts & Wellbeing Network (DA&WN). Arts and Health: An International Journal for Research, Policy and Practice . ISSN 1753-3023 (In Press)

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Lin, M., Hsu, W., Hung, M., Su, Y., Crawford, Paul and Tang, C. (2017) 'I couldn't even talk to the patient': barriers to communicating with cancer patients as perceived by nursing students. European Journal of Cancer Care, 26 (4). e12648. ISSN 1365-2354

Allen, Sarah, Crawford, Paul and Mulla, Imran (2017) Exploring the acceptability of innovative technology: a pilot study using LENA with parents of young deaf children in the UK. Child Language Teaching and Therapy, 33 (2). pp. 117-128. ISSN 1477-0865

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Perez, Elvira, Ball, Mark, Brown, Poppy, Crepaz-Keay, David, Haslam-Jones, Emily and Crawford, Paul (2016) Kundalini yoga as mutual recovery: a feasibility study including children in care and their carers. Journal of Children's Services, 11 (4). pp. 261-282. ISSN 2042-8677

Helberget, Lindis, Fylkesnes, Anne-Margrethe, Crawford, Paul and Svindseth, Marit (2016) The power of shared philosophy: a study of midwives' perceptions of alternative birth care in Norway. British Journal of Midwifery, 24 (2). pp. 101-107. ISSN 2052-4307

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