About the Nottingham eTheses Archive

The Nottingham eTheses Archive is a digital library of theses accepted by the University of Nottingham for research degrees.

By making this original research more widely available we hope to increase world-wide interest in the very valuable and exciting work carried out by our student researchers.

Why deposit an ethesis?

Theses constitute an important information resource, but are underused because of the relatively restricted access to printed copies. Making the full-text available digitally, from any networked computer world wide, will greatly increase access to this significant research.

Theses archived here will be cross-searchable via specialist search services such as DART-Europe, as well as via standard web search engines such as Google. This will ensure maximum visibility for your thesis.

How to deposit an ethesis

Anyone who has been awarded a PhD, MPhil, MRes or a Professional Doctorate by the University of Nottingham can deposit an electronic copy of their thesis in this archive.
When the final version of your thesis has been accepted by your Academic Registry or Faculty Office, you can also deposit an electronic copy by following the instructions in the Deposit Guide.

Further information

This archive runs on a customised version of the Gnu EPrints software, a freely distributable archive system which complies with the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI2) for open archive interoperability.

Other digital theses services include:

Site Policies

Information on Nottingham ePrints policies can be viewed on our separate Policies page.

Open Access Harvesting

Nottingham ePrints welcomes the harvesting of metadata by search engines and similar services, and supports OAI 2.0 with a base URL of http://eprints.nottingham.ac.uk/cgi/oai2

Contact us

For further advice or information please contact the IS Helpline
Staff (staff-IT-helpline@nottingham.ac.uk)
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