GA based adaptive singularity-robust path planning of space robot for on-orbit detection

Wu, Jianwei, Bin, Deer, Feng, Xiaobing, Wen, Zhongpu and Zhang, Yin (2018) GA based adaptive singularity-robust path planning of space robot for on-orbit detection. Complexity, 2018 . p. 370291. ISSN 1076-2787

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As a new on-orbit detection platform, the space robot could ensure stable and reliable operation of spacecraft in complex space environments. The tracking accuracy of the space manipulator end-effector is crucial to the detection precision. In this paper, the Cartesian path planning method of velocity level inverse kinematics based on generalized Jacobian matrix (GJM) is proposed. The GJM will come across singularity issue in path planning, which leads to the infinite or incalculable joint velocity. To solve this issue, firstly, the singular value decomposition (SVD) is used for exposition of the singularity avoidance principle of the damped least squares (DLS) method. After that, the DLS method is improved by introducing an adaptive damping factor which changes with the singularity. Finally, in order to improve the tracking accuracy of the singularity-robust algorithm, the objective function is established, and two adaptive parameters are optimized by genetic algorithm (GA). The simulation of a 6-DOF free-floating space robot is carried out, and the results show that, compared with DLS method, the proposed method could improve the tracking accuracy of space manipulator end-effector.

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