Eccentric reluctance and permanent magnets synchronous machines comparison

Mahmoud, Hanafy, Bianchi, Nicola, Degano, Michele, Al-Ani, Mahir and Gerada, Chris (2018) Eccentric reluctance and permanent magnets synchronous machines comparison. IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications . ISSN 1939-9367

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This paper deals with a comparative study between reluctance (REL), permanent magnet assisted reluctance (PMAREL), and surface mounted permanent magnet synchronous machines with rotor eccentricity. Static, dynamic, and combined eccentricity cases are considered. For the sake of generality, this comparison is carried out at different levels of airgap flux density, as different current angles, different permanent magnet (PM) materials, and different number of magnetic poles. Additionally, different stator windings arrangements, i.e, distributed and fractional slot concentrated windings are taken into account. Besides, different rotor geometries of REL and PMAREL machines are included. As a case of study, 36-slot machine is analyzed, considering three flux barriers per pole, however, the study can be applied to any machine geometry. Due to the structural criticality of the rotor iron ribs of the REL machines, the impact of the eccentricity on the mechanical stress acting on those ribs and the deformation of the rotor is studied.

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Keywords: Reluctance synchronous machine, Permanent magnet assisted reluctance machine, Surface mounted permanent magnet machine, Eccentricity, Finite element analysis, Mechanical stresses, Structural analysis, Deformation analysis
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