The atomization current and droplet size of ethanol in two different small-scale electro-spraying systems

Gan, Yunhua and Zhang, Xia and Li, Haige and Tong, Yang and Shi, Yanling and Yan, Yuying (2017) The atomization current and droplet size of ethanol in two different small-scale electro-spraying systems. Journal of Electrostatics, 87 . pp. 228-235. ISSN 0304-3886

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An experimental study on electro-spraying from small-scale combustors is carried out using liquid ethanol as fuel. Two systems of electro-spraying are employed in the present study; one is a nozzle system (without a ring electrode) and the other is a nozzle-ring system (with a ring electrode). The photos of electro-spraying at the cone-jet mode are taken by a digital camera. The voltage drop across the resistance in the loop is measured by a data acquisition instrument, and the atomization current is calculated according to Ohm's Law. The size and velocity of electro-spraying droplets are measured by a Phase Doppler Anemometer. A non-dimensional analysis on atomization current is completed to explain the electro-spraying phenomena of liquid at the stable cone-jet mode. The results show that, the lower atomization current and droplet velocity corresponds to smaller size of droplet. Based on the results of non-dimensional analysis, it is found that the dimensionless atomization current in both the nozzle system and nozzle-ring system obeys the scaling law as square root of the dimensionless flow rate. The charge density is of a −1.5 power dependence on droplet diameter. Both of the nozzle and the nozzle-ring systems show a good agreement with Rayleigh instability.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: Cone-jet mode; Electro-spraying; Atomization current; Droplet size; Droplet velocity; Non-dimensional analysis
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