Case-based reasoning in course timetabling: an attribute graph approach

Burke, Edmund, MacCarthy, Bart L., Petrovic, Sanja and Qu, Rong (2001) Case-based reasoning in course timetabling: an attribute graph approach. In: International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning, Jul 2001, Vancouver, Sanada.

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An earlier Case-based Reasoning (CBR) approach developed by the authors for educational course timetabling problems employed structured cases to represent the complex relationships between courses. Previous solved cases represented by attribute graphs were organized hierarchically into a decision tree. The retrieval searches for graph isomorphism among these attribute graphs. In this paper, the approach is further developed to solve a wider range of problems. We also attempt to retrieve those graphs that have common similar structures but also have some differences. Costs that are assigned to these differences have an input upon the similarity measure. A large number of experiments are performed consisting of different randomly produced timetabling problems and the results presented here strongly indicate that a CBR approach could provide a significant step forward in the development of automated system to solve difficult timetabling problems. They show that using relatively little effort, we can retrieve these structurally similar cases to provide high quality timetables for new timetabling problems.

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Date Deposited: 12 Dec 2005
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