Mitotic activity of survivin is regulated by acetylation at K129

Aljaberi, Aysha M., Webster, Jamie R.M. and Wheatley, Sally P. (2015) Mitotic activity of survivin is regulated by acetylation at K129. Cell Cycle, 14 (11). pp. 1738-1747. ISSN 1551-4005

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Survivin is a cancer-associated protein regulated by multiple factors, including acetylation at K129 within its C-terminal alpha-helical tail. Acetylation of survivin is being pursued as a potential prognostic marker in breast cancer. This modification at K129 may cause nuclear accumulation of survivin in interphase cells; however, whether this affects its essential role during mitosis has not been addressed. We posited whether mimicking acetylation of survivin at K129 alters its activity during mitosis. Fluorescence microscopy and time-lapse imaging showed that, mutating this site to an alanine to act as a constitutive acetyl mimetic, K129A, causes defects in chromosome segregation and cytokinesis. As a non-acetylatable version, K129R, also has difficulty during mitotic exit, we conclude that cyclical acetylation and deacetylation is required for fully functional survivin during mitosis.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: apoptosis; acetylation; cancer; mitosis; survivin
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