Ligand influences on homoleptic Group 12 m-terphenyl complexes

Blundell, Toby J., Hastings, Fiona R., Gridley, Benjamin M., Moxey, Graeme J., Blake, Alexander J., Lewis, William and Kays, Deborah L. (2014) Ligand influences on homoleptic Group 12 m-terphenyl complexes. Dalton Transactions, 43 . pp. 14257-14264. ISSN 1477-9226

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Three m-terphenyl ligands 2,6-Ar2C6H3 – [Ar = 2,6-Me2C6H3 (2,6-Xyl); 3,5-Me2C6H3 (3,5-Xyl); 2,3,4,5,6-Me5C6 (Pmp)] have been used to stabilise three series of two-coordinate Group 12 diaryl complexes; (2,6-Ar2C6H3)2M [M = Zn, Cd, Hg; Ar = 2,6-Xyl 1-3; 3,5-Xyl 4-6; Pmp 7-9], where differing steric demands on the metal centres are imparted. These are the first homoleptic d-block complexes featuring any of these ligands. Complexes 1-9 have been characterised in solution and the solid state; the analysis of structural changes produced by differences in ligand properties is reported. In particular, complexes 4-6 show smaller C–M–C bond angles and contain secondary ligand interactions that are not seen in the analogous complexes 1-3 and 7-9.

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