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Nottingham ePrints is a digital archive containing:

  • research papers - articles, conference papers etc - produced by University of Nottingham authors;
  • theses submitted for University of Nottingham research degrees;
  • dissertations submitted as part of taught courses (full text of these is only accessible to logged-in UoN users).

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Follow the procedure shown in the Deposit Guide. (To deposit a thesis or dissertation, first select "Nottingham eTheses" or "Nottingham eDissertations" before selecting Deposit Guide).


Material held in the Repository is made available under licence and unless otherwise stated (e.g. under a Creative Commons licence) the Nottingham ePrints End User Agreement applies.

Before making such material available online, University of Nottingham Libraries endeavours to mitigate risk of damage to third parties by checking the copyright status of material wherever feasible and advising the content depositor of their responsibilities with regard to copyright.

In case of query relating to copyright ownership please refer to our Takedown Policy.

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When you use "Search", you will be searching the full text of items in the repository. It is therefore important to choose specific search terms, or combinations of terms, to avoid retrieving many irrelevant items. The Advanced Search facility will help you retrieve the most relevant results.

To focus specifically on Theses or Dissertations, click first on "Nottingham eTheses" or "Nottingham eDissertations" before selecting "Search".

Nottingham ePrints is part of a worldwide network of open access archives that can be searched using specialist services such as BASE or popular Internet search engines. COUNTER-compliant usage statistics can be accessed at IRUS-UK.